Ellen Downes – Body Casting Artist and Founder of EVERY BODY’S STORY



Every Body’s Story

The Story

Ellen was first inspired by the art of body casting when she herself was cast at Shambala Festival in 2015 by Artist Sean Wilson. She found the process to be transformative and in August 2019 she had her first tutorial in the UK and spent her next months in Hanoi, Vietnam learning the craft and casting friends.

The Process

We often only see ourselves in 2D; in reflections or photos but it is rare for us to truly see our own full form. Ellen casts 20 women’s torsos uses aromatherapy oils and plaster bandage which she spray paints gold.

The Project

In January 2020 Ellen held an exhibition at QUA. Gallery in Hanoi, Vietnam where she cast 18 women’s torsos and displayed them alongside the women’s stories. The series of casts presented women of different sizes, shapes and builds. They were displayed together to show that every body is unique and every body is beautiful.

What’s Next for Every Body’s Story?

Ellen is currently based in Bristol, UK, where she will be casting from her studio throughout the summer of 2021. She will be hosting an Every Body’s Exhibition at Centrespace Gallery 26th August – 2nd September, alongside a festival of events in the space.


Every Bodys Story?

  • The body casting experience has the potential to be transformative. 
  • Women who Ellen has cast in both Vietnam and the UK have their golden casts to treasure and display as they wish. 
  • Casts act as reminders of the strength and power of the body and the women behind them. 
  • They are a means of physically capturing a moment in time.
An image of an Every Body's Story golden body cast displayed at home


“I’m delighted that I got the opportunity to work with Ellen. It’s been a wonderful and thought-provoking experience, made possible by Ellen’s high level of professionalism which made me feel so at ease throughout the entire process. Her openness, patience and encouragement really made this particular creative process highly memorable for me.”

– Emma McCarthy


“I had a wonderful experience working with Ellen. She welcomes you with a gentle and friendly smile, and exudes a calm loving energy. I instantly felt comfortable and relaxed when it was time to undress and begin the casting process.”

– Michelle


“I really enjoyed the casting process. Ellen is so kind and gentle! We had some amazing conversations throughout the process and that made me feel much more comfortable about being semi-naked in front of someone. Thank you so much for the experience!”

– Elle


“My testimonial to you Ellen is that you are a beautiful person inside and out. You made me feel so welcome and relaxed during the whole casting process. On a professional level, you are highly professional in your work and without a doubt passionate about what you do. For anyone considering working with you in the future should feel safe in the knowledge that you are considerate to all who walk through your doors. It was an absolute pleasure to have shared this experience with such a wonderful person. I wish you every success in all you do.”

– Brid


“Ellen is the kindest and most professional woman. At no point did I feel uncomfortable or even unsure. Being cast by Ellen was such a pleasure and I felt confident and soothed for weeks to come.”

– Rosemary


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