Inspirational Women: Vu Thao photographed by Dvora

In January legend in fashion portraiture Dvora photographed Vu Thao, founder of Kilomet109, at her studio in Hanoi.

By Ellen Downes
Mon 27 Jan 2020

One of my favourite things about working for Fashion Revolution as Country Coordinator for Vietnam is connecting amazing women working in sustainable fashion. In December I introduced Dvora to the work of Vu Thao, founder of Kilomet109.

In 2015 Thao met Orsola De Castro, co-founder of Fashion Revolution, and took the movement back to Vietnam with her. 5 years later she is now Fashion Revolution’s Brand Ambassador and has been a beautiful mentor and friend to me since I arrived in Hanoi and took on the role as Country Coordinator in 2018.

Last month the wonderful Dvora photographed and interviewed Thao. These photos are part of her Inspirational Women series documenting stories of incredible women creating positive change in the fashion industry.

The value of our pieces is about more than their design,” Thao says, “it’s about the culture of the people who make them and the environmental issues that are so vital to our future.”