Interview for Just Go Network Podcast

I spoke to Cydny Voice for her podcast which shares stories of people creating positive change while living abroad. She named this episode ‘Being a Voice for Change’ and we spoke about how I incorporate social justice into my work.

By Ellen Downes
Mon 27 Jan 2020

Cydny has interviewed so many inspirational guests on her podcast and I was so grateful to be featured on her show and have the opportunity share my story with her.

We spoke about how I started the Fashion Revolution movement in Vietnam, the exhibition I was about to open at QUA. gallery in Hanoi, my independent fashion label and life as a foreigner in South East Asia.

I was living on the other side of the world from where I grew up. I had become a simultaneous entrepreneur, teacher, activist and artist and it was only when she asked me to tell her listeners, all over the world, how I’d got there that I realised just how far – physically and figuratively – I’d come since graduating in 2015 in London.

A huge thank you to Cydny, a wonderful podcaster and now a beautiful friend – it was such a pleasure to talk with her and especially to share our experiences of being a women running our own businesses.

Also, shout-outs to the inspirational women I mention in the interview: Lydia (Made My Wardrobe), Ellie Shipman, Livia Firth (Eco Age), Anna Valentina Domenech (Tamga Designs). I also mentioned the business that I co-founded in 2015, Enchanted Cinema and the film that inspired me to campaign against fast fashion The True Cost.

Cydny also supports small businesses with brand clarity and social media strategy. She’s great. Find out more about her and her work here. Listen to the episode ‘Being a Voice for Change’ feat our interview here.